100% Cloud Based Transport Management System

CocoonOPS offers the ultimate transport management system for freight forwarders.

CocoonOPS is about helping freight forwarders become more efficient, productive, and sustainable with its user-friendly, intuitive TMS interface. Its cloud-based nature means it can be used anywhere with an internet connection, whether in the office or on the move, without delay on complex in-house systems and maintenance.

The Key Features of CocoonOPS

Our cloud-based transport management system is designed to address all those issues with these key features listed below:

  • Quotations - Manage quotations and convert to bookings, keep track of your conversions. Including follow up reminders & valid dates.
  • Document generation - Our system allows you not only to upload key documents for your shipments but also to create documents for all modes of transport in your own branding.
  • Automated tasks - Automated shipment generation, and milestone creation making creating shipments quick and very easy.
  • Configurable workflows - Streamline your processes and create workflows to increase data accuracy and speed of managing shipments. 
  • Real-time tracking of shipments - Get up-to-date live information giving your clients real time visibility through our customer portal.
  • Status notification & messaging - Keep your client updated with milestone notifications and messages sent via email such as Advice of Arrivals etc.
  • Customer portal/foreign agents portal - Foreign agents and clients can view shipments which are unqiue to them through our secure portal CocoonTMP®
  • API marketplace for connectivity (accountancy systems/vehicle tracking) - Our TMS is API ready, meaning we can enhance automation by linking easily via EDI messaging 
  • Finance System/Module - add costs and revenue per consignment (pricing), generate invoices, manage credit limits, different currencies, and reporting capabilities.
  • Carbon emissions reporting - All our platforms have the environment at the core, you can view the carbon impact your shipments have automatically through our TMS & Portal with actionable data, using our CocoonCarbon API. 
  • Integrations with E-commerce/ERP platforms such as Shopify, DEAR, Woocommerce or any other platfrom which has web hooks or APIs.

Drag & drop functionality as standard

As our system cloud-based we made it easy to create shipments, without multiple tabs open and using multiple screens.  Simply drag and drop items to build your shipments.  The video below demonstrates this nicely. 

CocoonOPS streamlines the entire workflow with an easy-to-use platform for managing air, sea, and road freight. Real-time tracking ensures that operations staff can effectively manage day-to-day tasks. The customer portal reduces enquiries by providing accurate data access to customers.

The system automates repetitive tasks and manages complex workflows, enhancing speed and efficiency. CocoonOPS offers document generation and a status notification and messaging system to improve communication between operations teams and clients.

While certain business systems may need independent management, they often require access to essential data. Fortunately, the CocoonOPS API marketplace offers connectivity and EDI integration with commonly used systems like accounting and vehicle tracking.

The ability to measure a shipment’s carbon emissions is increasingly important. Our system allows users to assess their shipments' impact and determine the necessary offsets. Additionally, users can purchase carbon credits directly through the platform, aiding businesses in reducing their environmental impact and achieving sustainability goals. Environmental responsibility is a priority for everyone, particularly freight forwarders.

Streamline Your Transport Management Process with CocoonOPS

CocoonOPS is more than just a transport management system; it’s a complete solution. By signing up, you can benefit from a streamlined operational process that saves time, money, and reduces stress.

With over 60 years of experience in the logistics sector, we're here to help. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch - Contact us today to learn more about our platform and how it can benefit you.

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