Transport Management System (TMS)

Transport Management System - CocoonOPS

At the heart of CocoonOPS lies the promise of complete visibility and control over your logistics operations. Through our intuitive interface, logistics companies can monitor shipments in real-time, track carbon emissions, and optimize routes for maximum efficiency. Whether you're overseeing a single shipment or managing an entire fleet, CocoonOPS provides the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Demurrage Calculator

CocoonDEM - Demurrage Software

Our easy to use calculator to help manage your Demurrage & Detention charges. The calculator helps to avoid nasty surprises and will highlight potential issues.

The system can work out when Free Time will expire and manage all the different rate tiers by port/container type and so on.

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Carbon Emissions Calculator

CocoonCarbon® - Carbon Calculator Software

Our CocoonCarbon® software enables you to easily calculate carbon emission within your supply chain to help improve your carbon footprint and Environmental Social Governance, as well as helping the planet

We've developed three pieces of software: a FREE single search tool; a cloud-based portal to allow you to calculate 1 to 1000+ Shipments, and finally an API allowing you to integrate the software with your own systems

Transport Management System

CocoonTMP® - Customer Visibility Portal Software

Our cloud-based portal empowers freight forwarders and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to boost customer visibility, streamline productivity, enhance operational efficiencies, and foster collaboration with customers and partners - all without the costly and time-consuming burden of developing a solution in-house.

CocoonTMP®, integrates seamlessly via API or EDI with your Transport Management System or Freight Management System. As we're experts in data management we take care of the integration.

CocoonTMP® includes all our products and give you a truely powerful tool for your clients.

The Future of Logistics Software

Introducing CocoonFMS®, logistics software solution provider for freight forwarders and the logistics industry. We've developed a comprehensive suite of products from Transport Management Systems (TMS), to Demurrage & Detention Calculators. Our cloud-based solutions help you streamline your supply chain and improve customer satisfaction. Our innovative suite of products will also give you the valuable insights and control you need to optimize your operations and drive growth.

Don't settle for clunky, outdated software solutions. Trust CocoonFMS® to provide you with the tools you need to take your logistics and supply chain operations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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Systems Integrations Specialists

CocoonFMS® can help create applications to automate your business processes. We love working with API's, however we don't mind doing EDI integrations, in fact we've integrated with many Transport Management Systems (TMS) and data providers.

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