CocoonOPS - Transport Management System

We have generated some videos from our cutting edge transport management system to showcase some of the key functionality of our system.

Creating a shipment

Within CocoonOPS you can create shipments import/export and domestic for any mode of transport, this video shows creating a simple Seafreight Shipment.

Form Logic

A common issue with most Transport Management Systems, is that they allow the user to make mistakes. Simple one like putting in the wrong CBM on a shipment. Our system make sure the data is accurate which will cut down in errors and reporting.

Document Creation

CocoonOPS allows the user to quickly create key documents used for shipping. Once the document is created as a PDF, it can be stored against the shipment and also be made available for the client to view within our Customer Visability Portal -CocoonTMP®

CocoonTMP® Customer Visibility Portal

We have compiled a video demonstrating the full functionality of CocoonTMP®. The demo is what your clients will see when using the Logistic Portal.  

Shipment Calendar

A simple calendar to filter your shipment by event type. You can see what shipments events are happening on which day.

Customer Reporting

With our vast knowledge of freight forwarding and logistics we know what reports are most commonly asked by clients. We have built a selection of reports which can be ran on demand or scheduled via email. The reports are formatted and there is no need to do additional formulas or calculation. Examples such as Average Transit Time from Door to Door group by Carrier.

Shipment Search

We have built a very easy to use search function within our Customer Portal. You can search and filter shipments and then download that search to excel on demand.

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