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Invoice Management System

Welcome to the future of streamlined invoicing with CocoonOPS, where innovative features seamlessly blend with unparalleled benefits to transform your invoicing management system. Our cutting-edge financial module is designed to empower your business, offering a plethora of features that ensure enhanced efficiency and greater control over your financial operations.

Features and Benefits:

1. Adding Rates/Pricing
Benefit: Tailor your pricing strategies with ease. Customise rates to suit your invoicing needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in managing costs. Auto rate calculation based on costs with percentage increases.

2. Adding Exchange Rates Buying/Selling
Benefit: Seamlessly manage foreign transactions. Assign buying and selling exchange rates, offering you comprehensive control over your financial transactions and optimising international invoicing processes.

3. Invoice creation PDFs
Benefit: Save time and resources. Automate the generation of professional PDF invoices, ensuring easy documentation and accessibility for every transaction.

4. Invoice Management
Benefit: Simplify your workflow. Seamlessly handle and organise invoices within the system, streamlining your financial operations and boosting productivity.

5. Financial Address book
Benefit: Centralise your financial contacts. Manage and access all your financial entities and contacts in one place, ensuring easy and quick access when needed.

6. Credit Level Checking
Stay on top of credit levels. Effortlessly monitor credit levels and manage overdue invoices, ensuring smooth cash flow management and mitigating financial risks.

7. Integration with Xero & SAGE Accountancy Software
Benefit: Future-ready integration. Enhance your financial capabilities with the upcoming integration with Xero & SAGE, providing additional functionalities and streamlining your financial processes.

8. Financial Reporting 
Benefit: Gain comprehensive insights. Unlock powerful reporting tools, enabling you to delve deeper into your financial data for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

9. Exchange rate management
Benefit: Enter the exchange rate for individual charges and convert to local currency.  Our system automatically updates daily with the latest exchange rates.  You can set Buying and Selling rates. 

Control, Efficiency, Growth

At CocoonOPS, our financial module is a game-changer. It empowers you to manage your invoicing effortlessly within the system or connect seamlessly with your existing invoicing system. The flexibility to invoice in local and foreign currencies, along with the capability to assign buying and selling exchange rates, ensures unmatched control over your financial transactions.

Efficiency is at the heart of our module. Creating billing accounts, assigning charges and invoices, and monitoring credit levels and overdue invoices are seamless tasks within the system. The automated generation of PDF invoices, associated directly with shipments or billing accounts, is a time-saving feature that streamlines your workflow.

Notably, you can instantly track the profitability of each shipment, enabling you to make informed decisions. By centralising all financial processes within CocoonOPS, you eliminate the need to juggle multiple systems, leading to improved operational and financial controls.

Our system ensures that you can streamline your invoicing processes, manage your finances effectively, and gain insights that will drive the growth of your business. It's time to take control of your invoicing management system and take your business to the next level with CocoonOPS.

Don't wait. Experience the transformative power of CocoonOPS' pricing solutions. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demonstration, and take the first step toward a more efficient and prosperous financial future.

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