CocoonFMS® is a state of the art one stop shop which we have integrated with multiple partners. Our CocoonTMP product is an easy-to-use logistics portal which allows you, the logistics company, to provide your clients with full visibility of their shipments. The system has been built so that you can integrate your existing Transport Management System to our portal with ease. CocoonTMP® will give you the tools to compete with the largest freight forwarders without the hassle of developing your own system.

Easy to integrate!

CocoonFMS®  has been built by experts within the industry and has been designed to integrate with any Transport Management System or system which can export/import structured data. We have vast experience in EDI integration which means there's very little you need to do technically. We just need to know a few key things from you to integrate your system with CocoonFMS®.  If we have a “known system” the integration can happen very quickly.

At the integration stage, we also help you to manage your data quality by providing reports on any missing information. This gives you the opportunity to make sure your data is clean and up to date for your clients.

Easy to Use

Having worked with other portals we understand how complex they can become. In many systems, you must deal with long workflows to do the simplest of tasks. With CocoonFMS® you don’t need to worry about this. The graphic interface is extremely quick and intuitive. We have even gone to the extreme of building predefined reports to save you time and effort. You can even schedule them. At the end of integration we don’t just hand over your username and password, we train you as well. Don’t worry this can be done over Zoom or Teams and you will be up and running within 30-40 minutes.  

Process & Cost savings

Yes, the system can save you time and effort. The fact your clients can view their shipments in real-time means that they can search and find their shipments within a click. They can also run reports directly from any screen and schedule reports such as ‘Average Transit Times’. Having the prebuilt reports can save both your operations staff and clients' time.  CocoonFMS® can also email your clients when information is missing, the client can click on a link and view the shipment and then upload their documents within a couple of clicks.

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