FAQ about CocoonFMS Ltd Software

We have put together a list of commonly asked questions, which we have been asked when demonstrating and showing CocoonFMS®.

Answer: CocoonFMS® is a Logistics software provider, offering a cloud-based state-of-the-art Transport Management System called CocoonOPS and is for all modes of transport

Answer: Our TMS is API ready, which means we can integrate with other systems, to help improve the functionality. We can work with CRM/Accountancy & Blockchain Systems like Networcx, Xero Accountancy Software, CargoX Blockchain via API.

Answer: If your not using CocoonOPS, we used structured data, so if your Transport Management System (TMS) can provide an API via XML or JSON we can collect or retrieve the data. We can also use EDI Fact, XML, CSV anything which is structured.If your using our TMS CocoonOPS there is a seemless integration 

Answer: We not only work with 3rd Party Logistics (3pl) companies but can also with any company managing multiple forwarders. If you like 4th Party Logistics (4pl). So if your managing multiple freight forwarders and they can provide data we can manage this so you have a single portal to manage all your supply chain.

Answer: Yes, the portal is linked to CocoonOPS and can create seemless bookings for all modes of transports.

Answer: Yes we've designed the system to scalable. Its a SaSS based system and we can add extra resources quickly.

Answer: We just need to know about your TMS, how many shipments roughly you do, any specialisms such as Wine Logistics or Charter, etc... (as there may need of some custom functionality), estimated growth over 12 months. 

Answer: CocoonFMS® utilises a Carbon Neutral cloud-based server stack, offering worldwide accessibility on any browser, with robust data security and multiple backups. This eliminates the need for onsite server management and concerns about backups, reducing costs while streamlining shipment and business management."/p>

Answer: The system is a scalable solution and the implementation and ongoing running/support costs are dependants on a number of factors including the number of users, number of shipments handled, number of offices, TMS system integration etc. We are confident that CocoonFMS® is very competitive in the market and the functionality will also create efficiencies, productivity gains in your operations. We’d be delighted to chat about your requirements and provide a cost indication

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