Transport Management Software (Part Two)

In part two of this blog series about different logistics-related systems, we focus on transport management software. This includes what it is, the benefits it provides, and how it stands out from the other options on offer. Read on to learn more.  

What is transport management software?

If you require a logistics-based digital platform to manage the physical movement of goods, one of the best choices is transport management software. Also known as a transportation management system, this software is built around day-to-day transport operations. It helps in many different areas, including documentation for shipment compliance, visibility across all supply chain stages, and the ability to select carriers with the best rates.

Transport management software is utilised by numerous different business types. These include distributors, manufacturers, third-party logistics companies, retailers, and ecommerce businesses. Although originally only feasible for large organisations, cloud-based software solutions have made it more viable for smaller businesses to incorporate this type of system into their operations.

What are the benefits of transport management software?

Many benefits are gained by companies that incorporate transport management software. The main advantages include the following:

  • Improved visibility: With transport management software, you are supplied with much greater visibility across your goods when in transit. This allows you to track freight – whether they are local or global – with ease, which helps improve security and avoid shipment delays.
  • Save time: Faster delivery times are achieved with the use of transport management software. Automation and a reduced number of manual steps help to speed up the entire process. The tracking and ability to divert shipments also assists with faster delivery times.
  • Remain compliant: Whether you are importing or exporting goods, it is essential to remain compliant with regulations. Transport management software ensures each shipment meets all requirements. The result: you minimise the possibility of shipment delays and being hit with any penalties.
  • Build with business insights: Transport management software isn’t just about immediate improvements. Due to the insights they supply through provided reports, a business is able to further build and refine its processes. The continual use of these reports means you are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, using this information to maximise long-term improvements.

How is transport management software different from other software choices?

In part one, we delved into how freight forwarding software differed from other software options. Now it is time to see how transport management software matches up against the rest.

Transport management software is not focused exclusively on one form of transportation. It covers land, sea, and air when it comes to logistics. This is advantageous if your business utilises all of these methods when moving physical goods – both incoming and outgoing – from one place to another.

That versatility of transport management software makes it more favourable for those that demand multiple shipment types. Rather than attempt to manage and track hauls across different platforms, it can all be done from a single software solution. This helps save time, avoid headaches, and makes your business function more effectively.


There’s a reason why transport management software is the system of choice for many organisations. It is not only resourceful, but this solution is also effective for managing all of your transportation needs. That said, don’t rush into picking this system type without considering the other options. 

If you read part one of this blog series, you will know transport management software is only one of the alternatives available. Our next blog post focuses on a different solution: logistics management software. Along with describing what it is and its benefits, we also highlight how logistics management software is different from other solutions.


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