Top Tips to Improve Your Freight Management

In the new era of business transportation, it’s important that you know how to improve your freight management. This way, you can experience a whole range of exciting benefits, such as:

  • Reduced freight costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better customer service

If you want to experience all the above and more, follow these top tips to improve your freight management without breaking the bank.

Use a Freight Management System

A Freight Management System (FMS) is a type of software for freight forwarders, brokers, and shippers that enables them to better manage their freight processes.

With the CocoonOPS freight management system, you get features like:

  • Real-time freight tracking
  • Transport planning
  • Quote management
  • Address management
  • Demurrage monitoring
  • Carbon Emissions per shipment/consignment

On top of this, you can also use CocoonOPS to automate the time-consuming tasks that have caused your freight company problems in the past, such as invoicing. The benefit here is that you get to save valuable time and money, which is key in today’s world of freighting.

Over the coming decades, having transport management software in place like this will be vital for businesses looking to optimise their operations and experience true growth. This is why you should start using CocoonOPS today and drastically improve the way you transport goods.

Follow Green Initiatives

Both small and large freight companies have started to follow green initiatives. The main reasons for this are that green initiatives allow freight companies to future-proof their operations, be more eco-friendly, and save money — all at the same time.

Therefore, you should also look at implementing green initiatives in the near future when it comes to your freight management, such as only using low-emission vehicles. You can then use your green initiatives as a tool for marketing, which will help to attract more eco-conscious clients and customers to your business.

Use Better Packaging

Packaging is often overlooked by freight management teams, which is a big mistake to make. By assessing and improving the packaging that you use for goods, you can save some serious money, for instance, if you end up using less packaging than before.

To improve your freight packaging, here are a couple of tips to follow:

  • Use recyclable packaging so that you can form a closed-loop logistics model
  • Reduce empty spaces by switching to bespoke size boxes

This will hugely benefit you over the long term.

Reduce Empty Road Miles

Every freight company’s biggest nightmare is empty road miles.

Empty road miles are always bad. Every year, billions of road miles are covered by empty trucks, meaning less revenue for carriers and increased costs due to fuel consumption. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Taking this into account, you can improve your freight management by reducing empty road miles. If you want to start reducing your empty runs, then it’s highly recommended you use the CocoonOPS freight management system, as discussed in the first section. CocoonOPS will enable you to conduct more efficient transport planning, helping to keep empty road miles to a minimum.

Improving your freight management isn’t always easy, which is why freight companies spend plenty of money on it. However, by following the top tips in this guide, from using a freight management system to reducing your empty road miles, you can significantly improve your freight management. Good luck!


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