The Importance of a Logistics Portal

Like any business you need to keep up with your customers’ demands, often this revolves around how to do things smarter and quicker.  We have all learnt from COVID-19 all businesses need to keep up with digital tools and unfortunately some industries are still well behind on the curve.

Having worked in logistics for many years a common term in the logistics industry is  “Digitalisation of logistics” keeps coming out and weird and wonderful ideas come out the top players, with Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Blockchain, Driverless vehicles and drone deliveries but all clients want to do is track their shipments.

The other bits are great and it’s also amazing that such technology in logistics is being developed, the simply a client wants to be able to get key information very quickly and often or not small to mid-sized forwarders don’t have the technical capability and often have to resort to a lot of manual reporting and spending time managing the clients requests.

Clients are now demanding more data and the only way to make sure you retain and grow your client base is to give them what you want.

We know from experience how much time and effort goes into supporting a client particularly around chasing information and providing data and reports. However if the client had a logistics portal it could help them find the information quicker and save a phone call. Thus leaving your operators to work more efficiently and more important accurately.

Often speaking too small to mid-forwarders they often say, we just don’t have the expertise or the funds to develop something ourselves.

What if we told you that you can compete with the large freight forwarders?

With all the new logistics technology trends within Logistics you don’t need to have the big budgets say of a Schenker or Kuehne + Nagel. You also don’t need to have the IT resources.  Described as KN Login on Steroids’ CocoonFMS, the newest and smartest Logistics Portal is available for you to integrate your operations system and allow your clients get all their information in one place. 

Our logistics portal can provide you with real time container tracking so your clients don’t have to go to the carriers websites or call you to find out where there shipment is. In fact they can see exactly on a map where the container is and which orders are on the container number.

Paperwork issues sick to death of data quality issues, i.e operator typing 55 cbm for a 20 ft container rather than 25cbm. Our system integrates with Shipamax an automation tool which scans your Bill of Ladings and converts them to structured data. If you operation system can’t integrate then no problem we can sort this for you.

Missing paperwork from clients particularly customs documentation? Don’t worry we do this CocoonFMS can send an email to the client to say which documents are missing and then the client can upload the document to the shipment and you will be notified once its uploaded.

If your always being asked about an agreed tariff and rates, then CocooFMS can store the tariffs online so the client can find and view their rates.

Are you spending hours doing reports for clients on transit times or do they ask for C02 emissions.  We also have this covered, we have standardised reports such as average transit times and C02 emissions by mode of transport. We can even schedule them so they can receive them weekly, monthly etc…

Digtialise you logistics services today!

Our logistics portal is so feature rich it will be better than the larger forwarders for the very reason is that we’re working with multiple partners and logistics companies finding out exactly what their clients want. This means our system can be adapted and developed at immense speed with no boundaries. We don’t have multiple layers of management to approve new developments, massive over heads etc..

If you want to find out more about our Logistics Portal CocoonFMS and how it can help level the playing field. Then please do get in touch with our experts who have over 60 years’ experience in Logistics.


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