Revolutionize Logistics with CocoonOPS TMS: Control, Efficiency, Growth

Unprecedented control, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable growth

In the fast-moving, ever-changing landscape of logistics, where precision and agility are paramount, the right Transport Management System (TMS) can make all the difference to your business, and your stress levels. CocoonOPS is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that takes much of that stress away.

Using our years of freight industry experience, we’ve designed a software solution that not only overcomes the challenges typical of traditional transport management systems, but also enables businesses to transform their logistics with more control, efficiency and growth.

Challenges with Traditional TMS:

1. Hardware Dependency:

Challenge: Traditional transport management systems often demand additional hardware, which can be expensive and time consuming. Physical hardware has to be implemented and maintained on site, which means you’re always at the mercy of your IT support team if something goes wrong. If this is an external team linked to your TMS provider, any delays in getting the help you need could lead to costly interruptions to your business. A reliance on hardware also increases the number of things that can go wrong.

Solution: As a completely cloud-based TMS, CocoonOPS completely eradicates the need for extra hardware, which gives you much greater control over your resources. The risk of expensive hardware breaking down is reduced and you don’t need to wait for IT technicians to be able to get to your premises in the event of an IT hardware issue. The overall result is a much more cost-effective and streamlined logistics operation, which gives you unprecedented control over your resources.

2. IT Support Burden:

Challenge: Unnecessarily complicated transport management systems typically result in a relentless dependence on external IT support. This diverts time and resources from other crucial business activities and leaves you powerless should something go wrong. Any interruptions in your processes might be out of your control and could lead to costly downtime.

Solution: CocoonOPS has been carefully developed entirely with freight forwarders and logistics businesses in mind. We understand the faults and constraints of many existing systems and have designed them out. We wanted CocoonOPS to be as user friendly as possible, in a way that significantly reduces the need for extensive IT support. This ensures that your team retains control over the TMS and is able to spend more time focusing on core logistics operations that drive efficiency and growth. It’s less complicated, so there’s less that can go wrong.

3. Non-Cloud, Remote Desktop Dilemma:

Challenge: Traditional TMS rely on remote desktops, operated by someone else, somewhere else. Just as physical hardware can be restrictive, a remote desktop can also hinder accessibility and real-time collaboration. You’re still at the mercy of someone else who controls that system.

Solution: CocoonOPS operates entirely in the cloud, offering secure and real-time access from anywhere, ensuring unparalleled control over your logistics operations. Our cloud-based system is fast and can manage vast amounts of data efficiently. By consolidating your data in a secure and centralised cloud environment, you can easily make data-driven decisions, optimise your workflows and improve overall efficiency. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device, removing the risk of delays from complex in-house processes or hardware issues. You can respond quickly and easily in real-time whenever you need to.

4. Unclear User Journey:

Challenge:Navigating through a TMS is often confusing with unclear user journeys and complicated processes which can lead to inefficiencies and errors, not to mention customer dissatisfaction. Time spent trying to figure out a clunky, outdated process is all wasted time that ultimately impacts on your bottom line.

Solution: Achieving efficiency for logistics and freight is one of our core goals with CocoonOPS. We’ve taken the clunky, outdated systems and removed all the complexity, resulting in a much more intuitive and user-friendly interface. This provides the customer with a clearer and more enjoyable user journey that reduces the possibility of error and therefore maximises operational efficiency.

5. Integration Hurdles:

Challenge:For a transport management system to be as comprehensive and effective as possible, you need it to integrate with your other software systems. But a lack of API (application programming interface) readiness in the traditional TMS means this is typically a challenge.

Solution: CocoonOPS is API ready, utilising API marketplace for connectivity. It has been designed to integrate with any other system that exports/imports structured data. We have vast experience in API and EDI integration, which means there’s very little for you to do on a technical basis to get your systems all working together seamlessly, as one united team, all talking to each other for maximum efficiency. We’ll help you to manage your data quality at the integration stage by providing reports on any missing information, giving you the opportunity to get everything up to date and up to scratch.

6. CDS Integration Lacking:

Challenge: A particular integrations challenge with many TMS is an inability to seamlessly integrate with Customs Declaration Systems (CDS), therefore posing compliance risks for the business.

Solution: A CDS is vital to your export operations as it automates much of the trading process, while keeping you customs compliant. It’s therefore integral to your business and it has to speak to your TMS efficiently and effectively. CocoonOPS ensures smooth integration with third-party Customs Declaration Systems like AMS Sequoia, providing control and ensuring compliance, therefore putting your business in the best possible position to achieve your growth goals.

7. Financial Management Woes:

Challenge: Financial management can lead to cashflow problems for any business. Issues like managing credit limits, financial control, and lack of automation create operational bottlenecks. Not being in control of finances and payments can quickly stifle growth, especially when large contract values are involved.

Solution: CocoonOPS tackles the cashflow issue by offering flexible financial management options, providing control over financial processes, including customisable pricing strategies, exchange rate calculations, invoice creation, invoice management, a centralised diary of financial contacts, credit level checking and financial reporting. It also integrates seamlessly with third party systems, such as Xero, for even greater functionality and efficiency.

8. Manual Booking Processes:

Challenge: Relying on manual booking through telephone and email hampers speed and efficiency. This unreliable method could lead to missed appointments, missed opportunities and unhappy customers.

Solution: CocoonOPS introduces a unique customer portal, which empowers your customers to book shipments directly, at a time to suit them. This completely transforms the booking process, giving you a constant real-time view of shipments and availability, without relying on additional resources to respond to calls and emails. The overall result is an efficient booking process, improvements in productivity and therefore improved growth potential.

9. Communication Gaps:

Challenge: Inefficient communication with customers affects satisfaction levels and impedes growth. Lack of visibility and the lack of container tracking and vehicle tracking leads only to increased demand on your resources and reduced service levels as calls and enquiries are fielded. Such as incurring demurrage & detention charges.

Solution: CocoonOPS automates communication processes, with a purpose-built customer portal that gives your customers real-time access to shipment information, delivery updates and performance analytics. As well as being able to alert your operators to potential demurrage & detention charges, by sending notification and high-lighting potential issues. It means logistics professionals can effortlessly communicate with all customers and partners in the chain, track shipment statuses and handle documentation. Customers can track containers through search or the actual location of the vessel or vehicle, all through a cloud-based interface. This shared information eliminates communication bottlenecks, reduces response times and enables swift decision-making – everyone involved can see what the latest is at any time.

10. Auto Charging and Rate Management:

Challenge: The absence of auto-charging mechanisms and inadequate rate management strategies create revenue challenges.

Solution: CocoonOPS addresses this with upcoming rate management features, enabling you to optimise your pricing strategy for better financial control and growth. Our cutting edge financial module is designed to empower your business with a range of helpful and useful features that ensure enhanced financial efficiency, from automatically calculating demurrage costs including forecasted costs, to auto generating charges for each shipment including bulk invoicing,ultimately helping you to unlock growth through automated workflows.

CocoonOPS – The Solution with Core Messages at Its Core:

1. Cloud-Based Advantage:

Benefit: CocoonOPS is a cloud-based TMS, ensuring secure access from anywhere, anytime, while reducing operational barriers, and promoting real-time control over logistics operations. Reduced reliability on hardware and external IT support teams puts the power back in your hands, with the result of improved efficiency overall.

2. Seamless Integration:

Benefit: With API readiness, CocoonOPS facilitates seamless integration with other systems, such as DecartesAMS, and Vehicle GPS tracking. It means all your systems and processes work in harmony together as one intuitive team where the right hand speaks to the left. This results in a more streamlined operation, giving you better control over your business and greater opportunity for growth. 

3. Intuitive User Journey:

Benefit: CocoonOPS offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring a clear and easy-to-understand customer journey, minimising errors, and maximising operational efficiency. This welcomed clarity empowers users with enhanced control over their TMS, and therefore their business. The performance monitoring and analytic functions means strategic decisions can be made more easily to unlock business growth.

4. Flexible Financial Management:

Benefit: Manage financial information within the system, including rates and pricing, invoice creation and management, credit level checking and financial reporting. Or seamlessly integrate with third-party invoice systems, such as Xero, for the ultimate in flexibility, control, and automation, to enhance overall efficiency. It means you can spend less time worrying about cash flow and more time focusing on financial growth.

5. Direct Customer Portal:

Benefit: Enable customers to book shipments directly through the customer portaltrack containers and upload documents. Managing all aspects of a shipment has never been easier for your customers. With our purpose-built portal, they can book shipments (Air/Sea/Road Freight), track their containers, upload documents and more. As well as providing a more efficient process, the customer experience will be much better and the demand on your time will be less.

6. Upcoming Rate Management:

Benefit: CocoonOPS’s upcoming rate management features enable you to tailor your pricing strategies with ease to ensure you remain competitive AND profitable. Part of our cutting edge financial module, you’ll have greater financial control and will be able to optimise your pricing in a way that encourages business growth.

7. CDS Integration with Third Parties:

Benefit: CocoonOPS ensures smooth integration with third-party Customs Declaration Systems (CDS), reducing compliance risks, ensuring regulatory control, and supporting overall business growth. The most effective TMS works hand in hand with other systems to automate processes in way that is more efficient and more robust when it comes to adhering to legal processes and requirements.

8. User-Friendly and Scalable:

Benefit: CocoonOPS is designed for ease of use to minimise implementation and training time. It is also easily scalable and grows harmoniously with the needs of your business, allowing you always to reach and fulfil your business potential. This guaranteed adaptability means you can achieve long-term growth while maintaining control and efficiency.

CocoonOPS is not just a Transport Management System – it’s a strategic investment that empowers logistics companies with unprecedented control, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable growth. Embrace the future of logistics with CocoonOPS and redefine the way you navigate the complexities of the supply chain.

9. Empowering Sustainability: CocoonCarbon®

Benefit: At the core of our TMS is the environment. Our system is running on carbon neutral coding frameworks and 100% carbon neutral data centres.  This means that our system is 100% carbon neutral. We also have CocoonCarbon® our Logistics Carbon Calculator at integrated with every element of the supply chain. From estimating the Carbon Emissions by Mode of transport on your quotes through to actual measurements, including providing Shipping lines emissions, through to adding the information to your invoices.  This enables you to report on your carbon emissions without having to worry about where to start.  Our system follows the Green House Gas Protocols Framework, and independent from any industry bodies or Oil companies. 

10. ERP/E-commerce Ready

Benefit:  CocoonOPS prioritises connectivity as the cornerstone of its design. With a robust API integration, our system seamlessly connects with various platforms, including ERP systems and E-Commerce platforms like Shopify Website and Woocommerce. Whether your clients operate on Shopify or another e-commerce platform, integration is effortless. Once an order is placed and confirmed, CocoonOPS instantly generates a shipment booking, streamlining the entire order process. Our commitment to connectivity ensures smooth operations, allowing businesses to focus on serving their customers without worrying about logistical complexities.

CocoonFMS® has designed, an intuitive, cloud-based solutions for businesses seeking to evolve their logistics operations. Gain the insights needed to optimise your operations and drive growth.  For a demonstration please do get in contact.

Edited 22 May 2024


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