Revolutionary software tool ready to drive major change in logistics sector

A leading software solutions provider for the logistics industry is ready to go live with a groundbreaking system which it says will revolutionise the sector.

CocoonFMS® Ltd has launched its new transport management system - CocoonOPS - on September 25th, bringing with it a promise to help freight forwarders streamline operations, cut costs, boost customer satisfaction. reduce their carbon footprint and grow.

It’s been several years in the making by logistics experts with more than 60 years of combined experience who were frustrated with outdated and often counter-productive processes. They say even where more modern solutions exist, these still fail to address all the challenges faced by freight forwarders.

James Blackman, CocoonFMS® Ltd  managing partner, said: “This is a monumental moment for us. We’ve invested four years of blood, sweat and tears into developing this product. Coming from a global transport firm, it was frustrating to see the lack of technological advancement and the industry’s ongoing dependency on spreadsheet systems.

“This fully cloud-based system offers the pioneering change the industry desperately needs, focusing on speed, ease of access, optimal user experience and, crucially, it will help anyone involved in the transportation of goods to reduce their carbon impact.

“This system will genuinely transform the way freight forwarders work, particularly the smaller and medium operations – we’ve priced it to be accessible to businesses of all sizes.”

Cloud-based system has range of benefits for business

Key features include real-time tracking of shipments via air, sea, road and rail, demurrage and detention cost calculation and alerts, configurable workflows, automated tasks, document and quotation generation, status notification and messaging, customer portal/foreign agents portal and an API marketplace for integration with commonly used systems.

It also has a built in carbon calculator which allows businesses to measure the emissions associated with a shipment. Using this data, transporters can identify emission hotspots throughout the supply chain, whether specific routes or transportation modes. Businesses can also buy carbon credits directly through CocoonOPS to offset remaining emissions.

CocoonFMS® Ltd is a carbon neutral company with servers offset by data centre providers.

Because the system is cloud-based, users can be set up in a matter of days with easy integration of existing systems. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection without delays caused by complex in-house processes or hardware issues.

The launch of CocoonOPS builds on the software company’s demurrage and detention calculator, CocoonDEM, for which it received a £129,000 grant from the Government’s Freight Innovation Fund.

“I’m passionate about modernising and improving the logistics industry. I’ve lived and breathed this project every day for about four years so it’s immensely gratifying seeing it come to fruition. We’ve got a list of new clients ready to join us on our journey and we think that will be just the beginning as the benefits are realised. We’re really excited to share this with the world,” James added.

CocoonOPS was also well received when it was demonstrated via a stage presentation at the recent Air Cargo Tech Summit in Brussels.

Businesses interested in the system are invited to book a demonstration now so they can see how it works.


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