New Web App for CocoonTMP Customer visibility tool

CocoonFMS® Ltd has just extend the capabilities of their CocoonTMP product by enhancing the user experience to the next level by developing a web app developed by Cocoonfxmedia Ltd to allow the users of CocoonTMP to view their shipments on their mobile device.

The web app is a scaled down version for speed and ease of use. A full version of the product on your phone is not always of use but quickly getting the key information you need is. That old burning question “Where is my shipment?”

With this in mind the mobile version only shows “Urgent Shipments” plus the last 15 shipments by ETA data. Using a quick search facility based on the shipment number, shipper, consignee, or your customer reference,  or even a partial search of the shipment number. You can view your documents (C88,B/Lading,HAWB etc..) from the mobile app.

As it’s a scaled down version the speed of search doesn’t leave you hanging around but will find anything close to the result.

Once your shipment is found you can visually see the shipment timeline and then all the important shipment information like which vessel it is on, weight and volume, cargo description, C02 emissions are a lot more.

“We’re dedicated to our user center approach and because of this we’re getting some great feed back from users on how intuiative and easy to use our systems are, the mobile web app is another evolution of this approach. Looking forward to where it goes next!”– Design Partner Glen Tapper

“We decided to go down the web app route rather than an Apple and Andriod app for pure speed. The CocoonTMP product is being developed so quickly we need a way to make sure the end users don’t have to wait for the next update to be pushed through the various stores. It also means from a support side we don’t need to worry about the OS version or if a client hasn’t updated their apps. Our system detects the device, and then does it magic and knows which device you use.

It then serves up the mobile version. This puts the User at the very center of our product. There is only a handful of Digital Logistics software providers which can offer a mobile version of their product. This is just the tip of the iceberg with our plans for our systems” – Managing Partner James Blackman

About CocoonFMS® Ltd 

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