NEW Demurrage Calculator

We’ve just made it easy to find out what your Quay Rent & Demurrage costs are likely to be.

We can help you get a grip of possible future or unplanned costs and help you manage your supply chain better. 

No more:

  • Working out days in rent
  • Calculators and making mistakes
  • Excel formulas to work out days between dates
  • Surprise invoices

What you will have:

  • Data in one place
  • Alerts on shipments about to start demurrage
  • Automatically calculated costs
  • Control over rates
  • Instant reporting
  • Better cashflow
  • Better delivery planning
  • Less stress

The tool sits within our product which extremely easy to use and you don’t need to do any advanced excel formulas or look up rates it all done for you.

Two methods we calculate:

We have made it easy to enter in or pull the rates from your Transport Management System (TMS)

  • Add the port of discharge, free time, carrier, rates into our customer section.
  • If your TMS has the rates, carriers and port of discharge and free time within the system we can automatically pull this information into our system.

Once the rates are in our system will go and find all your shipments and then work out which shipments are incurring demurrage and also warn you which shipments are about to hit demurrage through email notifications and warnings on the shipment visibility. You don't need to worry about if you have Tiered rates as we can manage this simply as well.  

If a shipping line wants the following.

GBLIV - MSCU - 20GP - Free Time = 10 Days. 0-10 Days = £50, 11-20 = £100, 21+ £110 per container.  Our system can handle this easily. If the shipping line want to charge Quay Rent & Demurrage Separately and also want to charge for Lo/Lo or Shunt fees, you can add them in. We have it all covered. 

We have dedicated screen for Demurrage which will show all your shipments which are incurring demurrage and the costs. You can instantly download the data into excel with no need to do additional formulas etc..

The system can also provide reports on demand or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly which can be emailed directly to you.

For more information on how we can take the head ache of Quay Rent & Demurrage, then please do get in touch.


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