Key Benefits of a Customer Portal

Digitalisation in logistics is moving at a rapid rate often driven by the demands of its clients. Often a client will demand a certain level of visibility for you to win their business. Often the Freight Forwarder or logistics company can provide a customer portal but often it falls short of the clients requirements. This often ends in the client demanding KPIs and reports that often tie up operators and the providers which costs time and effort.

What are the benefits of CocoonFMS?

What makes CocoonFMS so different to other customer portals is that it has been built with the client and the forwarder in mind. Having worked within logistics and been a user of portals we understand both sides of the coin.

We can see 3 key benefits of using CocoonFMS.

Increased visibility for your clients.

The design of CocoonFMS has been deliberately created for ease and speed. We made it simple to search for shipments, view key information and also have key information at a click of a button. This will reduces the amount of time operationally servicing the client’s queries.

Improved Data Quality.

The accuracy of the data for the client is key, if data is missing then the client will pick up the phone as they don’t have the right information to hand. This will also mean clients will tend to ask for complex KPI reporting to make sure they’re getting value for money and ensure service level agreements are being adhered to. CocoonFMS helps with this - from day one we make sure the data is mapped correctly and that internally there are tools to hand to make sure you can pick up any data issues before the client requires them.  This then gives the accurate data on screen as well as the ability to run the preload reports for their KPIs.

Reduced Overheads through Automation.

As CocoonFMS is directly connected to a operation system some manual tasks as notifications when documents are missing, or key information are missing are automatically taken care off.  The system will notify your clients of any documents missing and warn of potential impending costs with demurrage and detention on seafreight.  The pre-built reports such as Average Transit Times and container utilisation allows the client to schedule reports as well as book the final leg of the shipment through the portal. Thus, cutting down potential phone calls and time creating reports and remembering to notify clients of key documentation.

So these are just 3 of the key benefits of CocoonFMS. T system is constantly being developed and enhanced, the list of benefits just grows and grows.  If you would like to have more information or would like a demonstration of CocoonFMS please do get in contact.


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