Haulage Software (Part Four)

In the last installment of this four-part series, we concentrate on the last of the main transportation-related systems available: haulage software. Below we define haulage software, describe what advantages it offers, and see how it matches up against other solutions.

What is haulage software?

Haulage software is used for the management of transporting goods via road or rail. With this system in place, a company is able to track, schedule, and control its transportation of goods. By shifting to a digital platform rather than sticking to paper processes, an organisation is able to work more effortlessly and efficiently when it comes to its haulage needs.

Numerous features make up an effective haulage system. This includes flexible invoice and ticket creation, driver scheduling, and the ability to track haulages in real time. Numerous industries, from manufacturers to retailers, make use of haulage software.

What are the benefits of haulage software?

There are positives aplenty when an organisation implements haulage software into their procedures. Here are some of the key benefits to keep in mind:

  • Minimises errors: There is less chance of errors cropping up when using haulage software. Certain processes are automated while human error is minimised, and this ultimately helps to reduce the possibility of delays and costly mistakes.
  • Improve haulage management: Virtually all aspects of haulage management can be improved by using specialist software. For instance, by being able to track all shipments in real time, you are able to find optimum routes based on the latest traffic information.
  • Saves time: Your business can operate much more efficiently when using haulage software. With manual work removed from the equation and the utilisation of technology, much less time is required to complete tasks. This also frees up resources and employees that can be focused in other areas of your company.
  • Customers are happier: The improvement across your haulage operations naturally leads to more satisfied customers. Along with their shipments being received on time, the use of software and real-time information can also help to answer enquiries and provide updates.

How is haulage software different from other transport solutions?

Through this series of blog posts, we have covered software solutions for freight forwarding, transport management, and logistics management. The likes of freight forwarding is centralised on a specific function, whereas transport and logistics management systems take a more general approach. Haulage software falls in the former category.

Haulage software is designed around the management and running of haulage-based transport. As such, it specialises in all areas that revolve around haulage. This may seem limited compared to other choices, but it is ideal for organisations that only deal with haulage transportation.

With such a centralised focus on haulage, there’s no additional fluff or confusion to worry about. It includes everything you require to deal with shipments. This focus also covers everything from regulations to particular challenges faced in the haulage industry.


If your business transports goods by road or railway, haulage software can be an appropriate solution. It is able to help in many areas and improve the efficiency of your company’s transportation side. However, if your requirements go beyond haulage, a different system is likely more appropriate.  

That wraps up this blog series about freight forwarding software and the other alternative solutions available. While each software type is similar in its general functionality, there are notable differences between them all.

When selecting the right logistics software solution for your business, it is important you consider your specific needs. Of course, if you require an all-encompassing system for transport management, you only have to look as far as CocoonFMS for everything you require.


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