Green Leaves Logistics chooses CocoonTMP for their customer visibility

Birmingham based freight forwarders Green Leaves Logistics has chosen CocoonFMS Ltd, to supply them with a track & trace system to move them light years ahead of the market. 

After initial meetings, Green Leaves Logistics were blown away by CocoonFMS Ltd's new product CocoonTMP® which has been developed to support existing operating systems and digitalised the supply chain.

The integration was very quick and extremely painless as Marvin & Karen the joint owners were fully engaged from the start. They understood that having a tool this powerful will not only give them a competitive edge but also would improve the customer experience through better data quality, carbon reporting and document management.

Both companies are members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and share a common interest in helping the environment. Both companies are driving for Carbon Neutrality and one key thing which separates Green Leaves Logistics is their response to the climate emergency is by offering a Carbon Offsetting program using CocoonFMS’s, CocoonCarbon calculator. 

Not only can Green Leaves Logistics real-time track your shipments but for every shipment, you can find out how much Carbon Emissions the shipment has emitted as well as how much has been offset with evidence.

“From the very first meeting, we knew that CocoonFMS was the perfect fit not only from the technology side but also from the way they work. I can the relationship between the two companies growing” said James Blackman Managing Partner CocoonFMS Ltd.

Marvin Elson – Managing Partner Green Leaves Logistics said: “In our search for a suitable product we discovered CocoonFMS Product. 

As a business whose customers shape everything we do, it was paramount that our new platform could meet the present but also future needs of our customers.

We were immediately impressed by the forward-thinking evident in the design and functionality of the system. The platform is far ahead of the competition!

The team at Cocoonfxmedia were so much fun to engage with!

The professionalism, attentiveness, agility and flexibility displayed by the team throughout the project was exceptional and importantly, the aftercare remains so. 

Since the launch of CocoonFMS has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of our business.

The digital capabilities afforded us through this system have helped our customers and team win back valuable time to re-purpose in other effective ways.

The continued overwhelming response from our customers is very positive and we are finding more and more of their users are requesting access because they clearly see the benefit to them.

Partnering with CocoonFMS Ltd has been a perfect choice and the CocoonTMP®, the perfect fit for our customers and our brand.” 


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