Freight Forwarding Software (Part One)

In this series of blog posts, we are focusing on the main software options that revolve around transport. To kick things off, we are beginning the series with freight forwarding software.

What is freight forwarding software?

As the name suggests, freight forwarding software is built entirely around freight operations. This is a comprehensive solution that allows users to organise their data, track shipments, manage delivery routes, process invoices, and more. The all-encompassing nature of freight forwarding software, which remains up-to-date with all the latest industry developments, even helps with keeping your business compliant with regulations.

By having all of these features within a single digital platform, it ensures a business does not have to keep switching from one solution to another for their freight forwarding needs.

What are the benefits of freight forwarding software?

Naturally, freight forwarding software offers up numerous benefits for organisations that use this solution. The main advantages include the following:

  • Reduced possibility of errors: When freight-related tasks are done manually by your operations team, this increases the likelihood of mistakes creeping into their work. Freight forwarding software assists with minimising the possibility of errors. All information relating to your freights is stored, managed, and updated within the software. It also automates processes to further improve accuracy levels.
  • Gain greater control: As soon as you install freight forwarding software, it instantly delivers much more control over your freight deliveries and business operations in general. The software is designed to improve efficiency and productivity across the board, which makes it easier for you to manage your freights, ensuring they reach their intended destinations safely and on time.
  • Improved freight management: Freight management becomes a whole lot easier across your company. This is the case when it comes to gathering and comparing quotations for freights from transport companies. Rather than the manual approach to this task, the software automates the process, finding you the best rates for your shipment requirements.
  • Lower costs and maximise profitability: Along with improving efficiency and accuracy, there’s less requirement to hire in-house professionals. All of this helps to reduce your costs. Improvements to freight management also enhances customer satisfaction levels. All of this results in your business being able to maximise its profitability.

What alternative software options are available?

Of course, freight forwarding software is not the only solution you can choose for your logistics needs. There are three main alternatives that are available. These are:

So, what makes freight forwarding software different from these other options?

The clue is, again, in the name. While other solutions will focus on different transport types or go with a more general approach, freights are the order of the day with freight forwarding software. If freights are the primary focus of your business, it makes sense to opt for this solution over other options.

While other software types will cover freights, this one is designed to cover all the specifics – and that can be extremely helpful when dealing with aspects like regulations and requirements.


Freight forwarding software is advantageous for numerous reasons. Yet is it the right route to take for your business? Depending on your organisation and the type of shipments you make, a different software solution could be a better fit.

In part two of this blog series, we will take a closer look at one of the main freight forwarding software alternatives: transport management software. In doing so, we see what the main differences that exist with this solution are, along with emphasising the advantages of using transport management software for your business.


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