Container Tracking making it simpler to do

The movement of freight and services into the UK is an estimated $1 Trillion.  With 70% of that as imports mainly from Europe/China and North America. According to WITS. That is a staggering amount).

With majority of freight coming via seafreight it is often tricky to find out exactly where your shipments and freight is.

Many of the shipping lines and freight forwarders can provide you with information but often or not you have to login into a logistics portal or go and search a shipping lines website which are often not user friendly.

If your shipping 100s of containers a week then this makes it even hard to keep track of where everything is.

Tracking your container simply!

We can provide a simpler way to track you're shipments and both from the freight forwarders side as well as the client side. Our Logistics Portal CocoonTMP® has been designed to work with main systems to allow us to get accurate container tracking. We then can pin point the container ship and then if your freight forwarder is using CocoonFMS then you can simply search for the shipment by container number and you can find out all the information about the container.

You don’t need to log into another position if you want to find the exact location of the shipment. At present we can track 64,000 vessels anywhere in the world. As we would only be looking at your shipment you can click on our map and it will show you if the Vessel is off the coast of Africa or about to arrive at your UK Port.

Container tracking couldn’t be simpler and we’re increasing our container tracking even further with new functionality and mobile app as well.

CocoonFMS – Your ideal Container Tracking tool

CocoonFMS provides more than container tracking it shows all elements of the supply chain, if you would like a demonstration on how the container tracking works then please do get in touch.


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