CocoonOPS Guide: The Best Freight Management System for Businesses

CocoonOPS is a brand-new freight management system that’s going to transform the industry. In this guide, you can learn everything you need to know about CocoonOPS, from how it works to the different ways it can improve your freight management.

More businesses than ever are using freight management systems, which is why the freight management system market is expected to reach a value of USD $17.45 billion by the end of 2023.  

Because the market is booming, there are lots of different freight management systems for businesses to choose from. Naturally, as a business owner, it can be hard to know which system you should go with. After all, the prices and features usually vary.

One thing is for certain: you need a modern management system that enables you to improve your logistics performance, provides real-time insight into shipments, and also allows you to reduce your carbon emissions. This is where CocoonOPS comes in.

What is CocoonOPS?

CocoonOPS is a cloud-based transport management software system that covers air, sea, and road transportation. In a nutshell, you and your team can access this system anytime, anywhere, by using the internet. Whether you’re in the office or out on the road, it’s the best software for freight forwarders and makes managing your shipping services a breeze.

CocoonOPS Features

This freight management system is jam-packed with amazing features, including:

Air, Sea, and Road Tracking

Whether goods are being transported by air, sea, or road, they need to be delivered on time and to the right place. With CocoonOPS, you can easily track all of your air, sea, and road freights from start to finish, ensuring maximum efficiency and streamlined processes.

Transport Planning

With the transport planning feature, it’s easier than you thought possible to plan the transportation of inbound and outbound goods. Say “Hello!” to more cost savings and better overall planning! Best of all, while planning your freight transportation, you don’t have to worry about the constant switching between tabs and screens as you do with traditional freight software.

Carbon Emissions Reporting

These days, most freight companies are working hard to reduce their carbon emissions, such as by eliminating empty road miles. If you’re also looking to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly freight company, you’ll be over the moon with the system’s carbon emissions reporting, which will enable you to make sustainable changes to your supply chain moving into the future.

Invoicing Management

As a freight forwarding company, you likely have a big bunch of clients. This is great — but you need help with your invoice management. Thankfully, CocoonOPS comes with built-in invoicing management tools that enable you to stay on top of all your due payments.

Web Portal For Clients

Speaking of clients, CocoonOPS also comes with a smart web portal. This web portal can then be accessed by clients at any time when they want to access and track their shipments. As a result, if they have any questions about the current whereabouts of goods, they don’t need to contact you as often.

Over the next few decades, efficient freight management is going to skyrocket in importance. With the help of the CocoonOPS freight management system, you can ultimately take your freight management to the next level, make life easier for your entire team, and experience happier clients. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, the system is affordable for the average freight business and will also provide you with consistent cost savings, so you can look forward to that, too.

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