Container Tracking: Unlocking Visibility and Enhancing Efficiency for Importers and Freight Forwarders

July 14th 2023

Enhance your supply chain efficiency with real-time container tracking. Discover the benefits of CocoonTMP® for importers and freight forwarders

Freight Management System: Challenges and Current Solutions (Part 2)

March 13th 2023

Stay competitive with a modern Freight Management System. CocoonOPS can help you overcome present-day business challenges and maintain your edge.

Freight Management System: Challenges and Current Solutions (Part 1)

March 13th 2023

Discover the challenges and solutions of Freight Management Systems in our blog series. Read part 1 to learn more about this essential logistics tool.

Keeping track of your drayage can help you save money

December 16th 2022

CocoonDEM is a demurrage and detention calculator that helps you to accurately calculate and track these costs. Learn More

Key Benefits of a Customer Portal

May 15th 2020

CocoonFMS has been developed to help logistics companies digitalise. We can see 3 clear benefits to using our Logistics Portal for your clients. Read here

5 Reports your clients would like

April 20th 2020

Often clients of logistics companies require various reports to help them manage their supply chain and costs. Here are 5 examples of reports.


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