Understanding Demurrage and Detention Charges Amid Global Trade Disruptions

May 22nd 2024

Demurrage and Detention: Why It Pays to Know Your Fees

Navigating the Future of Logistics Software

April 27th 2024

Modern logistics software, like CocoonOPS, is a strategic investment for logistics companies seeking unparalleled control, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Optimising Freight Forwarders: CRM-TMS Integration

April 18th 2024

The integration of CRM and FMS is not just a technological advancement but a strategic imperative for freight forwarders looking to thrive in today's competitive landscape

CocoonOPS Integration with Xero

April 03rd 2024

CocoonOPS Integration with Xero: bridging the gap between logistics and finance

Sustainable Trends in Logistics for 2024: Navigating the Path to Carbon Neutrality

February 20th 2024

CSRD Mandate: Tracking Carbon Footprints within the EU & UK Sustainability Disclosure Standard: Harmonizing Reporting Practices

Achieving operational effectiveness in the supply chain

January 09th 2024

Unleashing Operational Excellence: The Cloud-Based Advantage of CocoonOPS in Supply Chain Management, this blog explores how CocoonOPS does this

Revolutionize Logistics with CocoonOPS TMS: Control, Efficiency, Growth

December 15th 2023

An effective Transport Management System (TMS) is pivotal. Explore how CocoonOPS aligns with Control, Efficiency, and Growth, overcoming freight management software challenges

Fuel Your Freight Business Success: CocoonOPS' Invoice Mastery Unveiled!

November 09th 2023

CocoonOPS' innovative invoice management system presents a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific demands of the freight forwarding industry.

CocoonOPS Guide: The Best Freight Management System for Businesses

October 13th 2023

CocoonOPS is a brand-new freight management system that’s going to transform the industry. You can learn everything you need to know about CocoonOPS​

Top Tips to Improve Your Freight Management

October 13th 2023

In the new era of business transportation, it’s important that you know how to improve your freight management. Enjoy the benefits of a cutting edge system

From Cargo to Capital: Exploring Funding's Role in Shaping Logistics Solutions

September 25th 2023

The importance of logistics in modern business. Logistics acts as the structural framework that holds up contemporary commerce

Setting the Stage for TMS Implementation Challenges

September 10th 2023

Learn how CocoonOPS can help SME freight forwarders overcome these hurdles with CocoonOPS our very own Transport Management System. Read More

Navigating the Future of Freight: Unveiling Novel Container Track and Trace Solutions

August 25th 2023

Container track and trace solutions, spearheaded by CocoonTMP Customer Portal and CocoonFMS® Ltd, are the rudder steering the future of freight.

Streamlining Operations: How a Transport Management System Boosts Efficiency and Productivity

August 08th 2023

How a transport management system helps boosts efficiency and productivity. Read how with this blog

The power of a cutting-edge transport management system for freight forwarders

August 01st 2023

If you work inlogistics in general, and you’re still using spreadsheets. The good news is you don’t need to worry A whole new world awaits you with CocoonOPS

Demurrage and Detention: How to Avoid Nasty Surprises

July 17th 2023

Freight forwarding, demurrage and detention charges can pose significant financial challenges for businesses engaged in importing and exporting goods.

GHG Protocol Scope 3 Category 9: Navigating Transport-Related Emissions in the Supply Chain

July 16th 2023

Transport-related emissions within Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 3 Category 9 present a complex and dynamic challenge with a sustainable supply chain

GHG Protocol Scope 3 Category 4: Optimising Transport Emissions with Data-Driven Sustainability

July 16th 2023

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 3 Category 4 refers to the indirect emissions associated with the transportation of goods

Efficiency Unleashed: Embracing Cloud-Based Solutions in Logistics

July 10th 2023

Unlock operational efficiency and streamline logistics processes with cloud-based solutions. Discover the power of CocoonDEM and CocoonOPS

What is Demurrage?

July 07th 2023

Join us as we explore what demurrage entails and how CocoonDEM can revolutionise your inbound supply chain. Empower Your Inbound Supply Chain with CocoonDEM

Meet The Expert - Multimodal 2023

June 30th 2023

Our Managing Partner James Blackman was interviewed at the largest logistics show Multimodal 2023 in June.

The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Real-Time Decision-Making in Logistics

June 21st 2023

Logistics professionals must deal with an ever-changing assortment of variables, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help

The Role of Technology and Best Practices in Logistics Management

April 01st 2023

This blog discusses the impact of technology on the logistics industry, including how it can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

Haulage Software (Part Four)

March 23rd 2023

In the last installment of this four-part series, we concentrate on the last of the main transportation-related systems available: haulage software.

Logistics Management Software (Part Three)

March 23rd 2023

Logistics Management Software (Part Three) ​The third part of this blog series offers up the spotlight on logistics management software.

Transport Management Software (Part Two)

March 23rd 2023

Transport Management Software (Part Two) is the second blog in this series exploring freight systems and their differences.

Freight Forwarding Software (Part One)

March 23rd 2023

What is freight forwarding software? This blog explores the benefits of freight forwarding software?

Current Landscape of Technology in Logistics and Supply Chain

January 05th 2023

Examining How Technology Has Changed the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector Over the Past Ten Years

What Does Canada’s Carbon Tax Mean for Your Supply Chain?

May 16th 2022

Canada’s Carbon Tax Bill. What exactly does this mean for logistics and freighting? Learn More

Worried About Carbon Neutrality shipping Internationally?

March 08th 2022

We offer software to help shipment companies measure, manage, and offset carbon emissions. Achieve carbon neutrality with our tools. Read for more info

Azyra TMS - Give full shipment visibility to your clients

April 23rd 2021

If your using Ayzra TMS our portal can easily bolt on to your TMS giving your clients full visibility to their shipments.

The Impact of Brexit on a Global Supply Chain

February 22nd 2021

COVID pandemic alone has forced entire industries to react quickly and the twin impact of Brexit has revealed some serious issues with the global supply chain

Demurrage what is it?

November 24th 2020

Learn about Calculating Demurrage & Detention, and the hidden costs of shipping containers. Get a quick insight into what they are in this informative blog.

The Benefits of a Freight Management Portal

August 17th 2020

Discover the benefits of our freight management portal – end-to-end tracking, enhanced communication, and automated reporting for efficient logistics.

Elements of Logistics

August 17th 2020

There are five main elements to the logistics within a supply chain are listed within this blog

Container Tracking making it simpler to do

August 07th 2020

Seafreight Container Tracking can be a time consuming job to find out when and where your shipments will arrive. Read out blog on how we can help.

The Importance of a Logistics Portal

August 06th 2020

Are you aware of the importance of a logistics portal? This blog emphasizes why it's crucial for your clients to have easy access to their data.

The Benefits of Using A Freight Management System

June 22nd 2020

Using a Transport Management System enables you to streamline these areas by tracking shipments

How To Choose A TMS Solution For Your Business

June 22nd 2020

One of the most important decisions that a logistics business needs to make in today’s day and age is what Transport Management System (TMS) to use.


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