Azyra TMS - Give full shipment visibility to your clients

What we have learned from COVID and BREXIT is that your clients need data at their fingertips. The demands for documentation as gone through the roof and your operators are constantly picking up the phone being asked where the vessel is! 

What if we can give you some breathing space! Providing a customer portal which bolts onto Azyra to your clients gives them all the information they need.

Where is my vessel? Not a problem we can track 66,000 vessels anywhere in the world.

I need a POD?  No problem we can pull the PODS or any document from the Azyra Bureau.


How much is my demurrage going to be? No problem we can work that out for you!

The advantages of CocoonFMS:

  • We have linked to Azyra already so we know how to integrate your data into our system.
  • Clients can book their own shipments
  • Estimated Demurrage Costs
  • C02 Emission Calculator
  • Greater interaction with your customers, offices, and partners
  • Effective communications
  • Streamlined workflows and automation of processes
  • Manage issues resolution easier with event and exception management
  • Document Management and visibility through CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT)
  • Automated on-demand reporting
  • Productivity improvements
  • Efficiency improvements and gains
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

If you would like to have a discussion on how we can provide your clients data at their finger tips then please do get in contact. We can provide a full demonstration.


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